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Three warehouse complexes, 80.000 square meters of private areas with infrastructure, responsive to Russian market of investment into development of business intellectual potential is that what SVX Company offers today.

We provide a full range of services for safe custody, inventory management, collecting orders, co-packing and delivering cargoes by truck and railway vehicles.
Our resource base and our approach to the relationship with our partners allow us to offer our customers unique services that have no analogues at the Ural Region market. And this statement is based not on mere emotions, but on estimation and proven facts.

We operate using Open Book technology. We establish out tariff rates together with our customers, so we actually offer co-pricing. We offer packs of services tailored to meet standard requirements. We can also develop complex schemes fit for any interaction scenarios.

The one thing that remains the same is our transparency and honesty. Those who hesitate we can provide with a magnifying glass or even a microscope for analysis of our estimates and offers. “Everything is clear!” — that is a conclusion of the most hypercritical auditor.

We guarantee stable operation, minimum risk, flexible and loyal pricing policy, high quality of service and maximum precision in task solution.

Our business is based on activities of born logistics specialists obsessed (in a good sense of the word) with advance values, perfection and idea of attaining ideals. If we may say so, we consider logistics as a way of life and thinking. Logistic is all what we are doing our best for.

We will make of our warehouse areas the maximum profit for you.