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Safe custody

We provide services for safe custody of cargoes. We offer our clients three modern warehouse complexes of categories А and В+ located within the precincts of Yekaterinburg near major traffic intersections of the city. All our complexes are fitted with warehousing equipment and special vehicles. Security is provided by our own security service, access control, video surveillance, alarm system and fire-extinguisher system.

We can store any cargoes within loading range and oversized cargoes, accept cargoes in pallets, boxes or in other forms, carry out embarking and debarking of cargoes from trucks of any capacity or from our own rail facilities. We provide optimal storage conditions for any types of cargoes.

Safe custody services also include sorting, marking, labelling, placing of cargoes, 24-hour booking and execution of orders for cargo handling, sorting and shipping. Our experienced staff, modern information system and technologies provide the high speed and quality of pick-up and delivery.

Our clients can manage stock on-line by means of WMS. The inventory control technology that we use provides a fast integration with any record keeping system.

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