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About WMS system

SVX warehouses are equipped with Axapta, a system developed by Columbus Company on Microsoft platform.

We have a very serious approach to the choice of a warehouse management system (WMS). We have held a multistage tender and have been considering and evaluating offers available at the market today for several months. We have visited warehouses where various systems are used. As we have chosen the best systems, we have tested them together with our software developers.
Why? Our maximalist approach is based on the following strategy: our WMS must be the best. However, being the best is not enough for the efficient system, it must also meet some hard terms, which are very important for us and which were dictated to our developers as the main requirements.

First, it should be an open system so that it can be easily adjusted and it would be possible to add new algorithms depending on the specific tasks of the contract.
Second, the system must manage a maximum amount of warehousing processes.

Third, we mean only proven, successfully implemented system, a system with an ideal background, if we may say so.
As a result, we have got what we want — the best WMS for our company— Axapta.

As our staff members say, it is an artificial intelligence, a kind of thing from a fancy film became a reality, managing warehousing activities.
The system can calculate the best way of placing the accepted goods depending on their demand date and turnover. The system can sort goods by a variety of criteria, for example, by shelf life. Goods with a short shelf life are shipped first.

WMS manages staff using particular algorithms, so the influence of “human factor” is minimized. The warehouse workers accept tasks on their tablet PCs or data terminals. The system monitors the workers moving along the warehouse and chooses the optimal route for them. The system finds the nearest worker and gives him instructions on performing operations.

The main point is that running Axapta requires little efforts to achieve the integration of business processes. Running on Microsoft platform ensures compatibility with the majority of customer's applications. For us, integration with customer’s software is an easy task. Actually, we offer a ready connection option.