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Six arguments for doing business with SVX

1. Private warehouses

Our company has its own warehouses.

SVX Company is one of the major owners of storage real estate in the city of Yekaterinburg. The company’s property includes 80.000 square meters of storage areas of categories А and В+. All the warehouses are located within the territory of Yekaterinburg near major traffic intersections and highways. SVX is a successor of Granit Company, a storage real estate developer.

Private warehouses guarantee transparent pricing schemes, access to storage area and security. There is no risk of becoming a victim of a conflict between the warehouse owner and the logistics company. In SVX Company the customer makes a direct contract with the party that owns private warehousing property and that is responsible for making decisions.

2. Flexibility

Private warehouses is the main condition for practicing a flexible approach to working with customers.

SVX gives its customers the ability to pay only for those storage areas that they actually use. If in the course of operation it is required to change the amount of rented areas, it will be possible to do so. Overall economy can reach up to 20-30% (as compared to the case when the customer would pay for fixed amount of areas). SVX also offers flexible financial terms: our customers may work on the terms of post-payment or prolonged payment, without any preliminary payment. It is a unique offer at the market.

3. Transparency

SVX is aimed at absolute transparency in its relationships with customers.

Our operation concept is the so-called Open Book practice.

Open Book approach implies the case when a customer has an access to pricing and calculations when he does business in cooperation with us up to designing a final offer.

As a result, the customer sees all the expenditures and profit of the logistics company and he has an opportunity to influence the services cost directly. Knowing the factors influencing building up of the bottom-line price, the customer can reject some offers, replace one service with another and finally he can tailor the whole process of work with SVX to his needs.

4. Clear tariff rates

Our customers always know the cost of SVX services in advance.

SVX offers a unique way of dealing with tariff rates. When you set some simple and plain warehousing parameters, such as terms, amount of boxes, pallets or square meters of storage area, you get a fixed amount — it is the exact amount of money to be spent on your project.

Fixed rate includes a full complex of services, and our customer knows that he will pay not even a penny above the fixed amount. There are no “extra payments” or unexpected expenditures — only one pre-planned amount. It is useful for monthly and annual planning.

Now SVX offers three fixed rate plans. Each of these rate plans is based on properly verified formula aimed at minimizing the partner’s expenditure and maximizing the profit.

For exacting customers with individual peculiarities and high demands outside the standard limits we have a special offer “Space. Speed. Intelligence”. SVX personnel will draw a special rate plan tailored to the customer’s tasks and needs and provide all the necessary options and features for his business, whether it is an online store or an MLM company.

5. Technological capability

SVX chooses the best technology concepts.

SVX chooses the best achievements in logistics: modern and reliable equipment, advanced technology concepts and IT solutions.

Our company uses WMS Axapta developed by Columbus Company on Microsoft platform. It has won a multistage tender and it is an optimal solution for today. The system ensures full automation of all the warehouse processes and processes concerning handling orders. System control eliminates errors and human factor effect and ensures compatibility with any customer's software.

6. Professional team

SVX Logistics team forms a basis of the efficient system.

The main principle of our company is investment into intelligence. We “buy” logistics specialists with a fair name and train our staff ourselves. We offer our employees a career development system and opportunities of carrier and professional advancement.

We regard our employees as the main resource for logistic business and hire responsible and forward-minded fast learners. Our employees are persons fit in logistic jobs because of their vocation, direction in thinking and lifestyle, they are aimed at carrier advancement and personal development.

There is a notion of investment banker, and we have an institute of “investment personnel officer”, whose aim is to make investments into staff provide benefit for both the company and customer.